Which Air Conditioner Type Is Best?

The Air conditioner is an important investment, allowing you to feel comfortable. When experiencing muggiest days of the year, you can easily control the temperatures thanks to the AC. However, the overall experience when it comes to using the air conditioner depends on purchasing the right type of AC. So, Which Air Conditioner Type Is Best?

In this article, we explain the tips to consider when sourcing for an AC.

The size

To enjoy the performance of your AC, you have to get the sizing right. Therefore, do not just rush into buying an AC without understanding how to determine proper sizing accurately. When we speak of sizing in reference to the AC, so no confuse this to mean the physical dimensions of the appliance. Rather, this refers to the AC cooling capacity, and it is measured in British thermal Units. With the right BTU, you are assured maximum efficiency irrespective of the AC type you purchase. In addition, with the right AC sizing, you enjoy energy saving benefits, as your Ac does not need to overwork to provide efficient cooling. Therefore, consult AiroFix Air Conditioning Service, to help you in AC sizing.

The Fan Settings

The fan setting is an important consideration when sourcing an AC. You want to make sure that your AC provides multiple fan speeds so that you can control the flow of fresh air effectively. This also helps in delivering a super fast cooling ensuring your comfort.

Look at the energy efficiency

An energy efficient AC is an important consideration when purchasing the AC. Consider that utility bill tariffs are rising and so you do not want to end up paying very high bills. Therefore, an energy efficient AC is an advisable choice when purchasing the AC. Go for the AC that comes with the energy saving labels printed on it. This shows that the air cooler has been tested and certified as an energy efficient solution.

Additional convenience features

Different AC manufacturers provide additional convenience features on the AC brand they manufacturer. The common features added to different AC brands include:

  • The anti-bacteria filter to remove pollen, dust mites, and allergens
  • Dust filter helping to remove dust particles and the dust mites
  • Heater to help in raising temperatures to the comfortable levels
  • Auto cleaning which automatically removes any mold traces and the bacteria deposits.

Therefore, seek to understand whether the Ac provides either of these convenience features. Note that, this might affect the overall pricing on your AC.

Now that you have the tips to help you in AC buying, it is important we look at different AC types available in the market. Here is a quick overview:

The Central air: This is an air cooling unit in which air is cooled at the central location before it is distributed to and from other rooms.

The ductless mini split AC system: unlike the central air conditioner, this is not hidden. It is a ductless air conditioner with air blowing directly into the room, providing greater efficiency.

The Window air cooler: as the name depicts, the window units do not require permanent installation. It is a good choice when travelling or camping.

Therefore, when choosing the different AC types, be sure to consider the factors that we have looked at above. This ensures that you source for a fully efficient AC. We can also help you, contact AiroFix Air Conditioning Service for professional advice. We also provide AC installation and repair solutions in San Marino. Call us today for a free estimate on the AC services.


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